UPS On Line - Double Conversion

UPS - Sigma
Power 1000 - 2000 - 3000 - 4000 - 6000 VA
UPS On Line - Double Conversion

Key Features
Power from 1000 to 6000 VA
Technology On Line Double Conversion
100% sine wave
High reliability UPS
Designed for maximum protection
Total microprocessor control
Manual and automatic battery test

Personalization mode
On Line
Eco Mode operation
By pass operation
Setting Output Voltage (220-230-240Vac)
Support input type: inverter, generator

Other features
Automatic Auto restart
Cold Start (battery power on)
LCD display Information for Load / Battery / Input / Output and Operating Mode
User-oriented display Tower / Rack
Advanced diagnostics, alarms on the LCD Display
EPO (Emergency Power Off) to shutdown UPS by remote emergency button
Hot Swap Batteries (models with external battery)
Long autonomy version adding more box batteries (KSL version only)

Possibility to install Tower or Rack
Manual Bypass (only 6000kva version)
Telephone protection by RJ45-RJ11 (4000 6000 version only)

Advanced communication
Intelligent communication port with PC: RS232/DB9/USB
RS232 Cable and software included
Slot for communication cards (only in rack versions)
SNMP communication card (optional)
AS400 Relay Card (optional).

Display LCD
user adjustable

Information for Load / Battery / Input / Output and Operating Mode

Presentazione ufficiale al CEBIT di Hannover dal 2 al 6 marzo 2010 - Hall 12 D06-14

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